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Digitalker® – 2-Wire™ Speech Unit

The Digitalker® lift speech announcer is the voice of the lift industry and speaks volumes about the quality of Drucegrove products. Our SPC026 lift speech unit is available to connect directly to the 2-Wire™ bus and announce pre-programmed messages in a high quality natural voice using a digital playback system. Digitally mastered – all Drucegrove speech announcements are recorded by professional voice artists in a professional studio.

Inductive Loop Amplifier

The Drucegrove AMP003 Two Input Inductive Loop Amplifier is specifically designed for elevator applications to assist the hard of hearing when using a “T” compatible hearing aid.

An inductive loop amplifier helps hearing aid users hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise in noisy places. A standard hearing aid will amplify all sounds and although this can assist in hearing, it does not help in an environment where there is significant background noise.

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All Drucegrove products are designed and manufactured in-house, and are fully supported by Drucegrove from our UK based factory in Waltham Abbey.

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Drucegrove are ISO9001 approved and we have been designing and manufacturing indicators, speech units, intercoms and metalwork fixtures in the UK since 1983.

We offer a constant stream of innovation, routinely bringing products to market with a creative flair that is often impossible to nurture in a larger organisation.

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