Inductive Loop Amplifier

The Drucegrove AMP003 Two Input Inductive Loop Amplifier is specifically designed for elevator applications to assist the hard of hearing when using a "T" compatible hearing aid.

An inductive loop amplifier helps hearing aid users hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise in noisy places. A standard hearing aid will amplify all sounds and although this can assist in hearing, it does not help in an environment where there is significant background noise.

The induction loop will consist of standard insulated 0.5 or 0.75mm stranded cable wound two or three times around the lift car. It may be wound at the bottom, at handrail height, or more likely around the car roof.

The Drucegrove AMP003 Two Input Inductive Loop Amplifier converts the speech unit announcement into an electric current, which is driven through the loop of wire. The magnetic field from the loop is received by the hearing aid which converts it back to sound for the listener - with the switch in the "T" position.

2 isolated inputs feed into 1 loop output allowing 2 audio sources to be connected simultaneously, for example a voice announcer and intercom.


Mountings, Fixings & Housings

We can supply the inductive loop amplifier in a metal box ready for fitting on your lift cars. Our in-house metalwork facilities include laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and engraving which allows us to supply the inductive loop amplifier ready for mounting in almost any location with a professional finish and minimal hassle.


Technical Support

As with all Drucegrove products, the inductive loop amplifier are fully supported by the in-house design engineers. Our engineers are available to offer free telephone and email support.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1992 650486 and select option 3 for Technical Support.


Part Numbers

The following part numbers are for the Drucegrove inductive loop amplifier:

AMP003-XBX-A001Dual Input Inductive Loop Amplifier (PCB only)
AMP003-XXR-K001Dual Input Inductive Loop Amplifier in a Metal Box with PSU, Loop and Mains Cable (Car Roof Mounting)
AMP002-XXX-K001Test Kit Package for the Inductive Loop Amplifier

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