Multimedia TFT Display

More than a Lift Indicator

The Drucegrove DragonFly™ Multimedia TFT display is fully customisable, and is capable of showing lift position, direction and emergency messages like the FireFly™, but with additional multimedia options and infinite possibilities. This allows the displays to be branded and customised to match the building they are installed in.

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Modern, Industrial-Grade TFT Screens

As technology advances, so do we, and so do our products.
Drucegrove offer the latest industrial-grade TFT displays as they become available.
We take advantage of their most sophisticated features, and use the latest technology in graphics processing to combine lift information with live information feeds, rich media and video content.
Our in-house team will take your concept, images and logos to produce a result that suits your building.
And with the open connectivity and free software updates, you will never be out of date.

Multimedia TFT Displays

The TFT400 Series displays are self contained units with the display and driving electronics integrated into one package. The screen sizes available are either 5.7” or 7.0”, and they have the same built in message image library as the FireFly™ TFT300 Series indicators

For larger DragonFly™ displays, the TFT500 Omni Driver can be used. This is based on the same driving electronics as the TFT400 series but boasts a more powerful processor with graphics accelerating and video decoding hardware, and a DVI / HDMI output. Drucegrove supply a separate open frame TFT screen and a HDMI to DVI cable for connecting the screen to the TFT500 Omni Driver. The screen sizes available range from 10.4” to 42”, in 4:3 standard, 16:9 wide or 4:1 panoramic aspect ratios.

The TFT400 Series and TFT500 Omni Driver can be networked via Ethernet, which opens up the possibility of streaming live news headlines, weather, finance information, transport information (TfL, Nation Rail, bus times etc) and more from RSS feeds.

Live video can also be displayed on displays driven from the TFT500 Omni Driver. The video is streamed digitally to the display over Ethernet from either an IPTV source or an IP CCTV camera – either of which can be located anywhere in the building. Being digital, a single video feed can be streamed to an unlimited number of displays without loss of quality or the need for boosters or amplifiers. 

Show Adverts & Stream Video In Your Lift With DragonFly™

DragonFly™ Cutting Edge TFT Displays For Lifts

Full Colour TFT Screen Display

• Standard screen sizes from 5.7” to 7.0” for landings and car

• With 10.4″ and above choose ANY screen with HDMI or DVI input for larger cars & lobbies

• Fully customisable to suit corporate branding and architect’s concepts

• Use our extensive library of themes

• With access to the net you can change your displays from anywhere

• Subscribe to RSS feeds and show the weather or traffic news

• Stream video ‘in screen’ and show adverts or promote your company Here’s An Example On A 42″ Screen!

• Keep abreast of your lift’s performance with remote elevator monitoring from Qamleon Technology Inc™ as an add-on. With DragonFly™ as host you don’t need a separate computer!

Mixed Multimedia Content

The DragonFly™ lift displays allow for multimedia content to be shown on the screens alongside live lift position and status information. The multimedia content can include:

  • Building tenancy or directory information
  • Way-finding information
  • Advertisement image slideshows
  • Live video feed from a digital IPTV source
  • Live video feed from a digital IPCCTV camera
  • Live video feed from a third-party video intercom system

This multimedia content can be remotely managed on or off site using our licence free DragonFly Remote Configuration software. There is no cost or subscription for use of the DragonFly screens or associated software. Any on-screen content such as advertising is managed and controlled internally by the end client using our software.

The content can also be configured to show, hide, move or change based on a set of pre-determined conditional events. These events can include the position, direction or status of the lift, the time of day, day of the week, date, season and more. Conditions can be combined using ‘and’ or ‘or’ Boolean logic to create complex screen layouts that react to the lift or external triggers. For example, a slideshow of advertisements may be set up on the screen where certain adverts are only shown on certain days of the week or at certain times of the day, or when the lift is on a certain floor, or even when the lift is on a certain floor and it is also a certain time of the day.

The DragonFly™ screens do not have to show live lift position or status information – they may be solely used for advertising or way-finding digital signage, but if they are connected to the lift controller the advertising or way-finding displays may be configured to change based on the position or status of the lift.

DragonFly Software

DragonFly™ Layout Designer

Our easy-to-use software is licence free and allows the DragonFly™ screen layout to be created and modified. The powerful software allows you to freely drag and drop an extensive range of elements on to the screen, and configure them in a wide number of ways. Any screen element can also be triggered to show, hide, move or change based on external events either from the elevator, the time of day, the date, external signals fed into inputs, or RSS feeds. These “conditions” can even be combined with powerful Boolean logic to enable the creation of complex dynamic displays. Read more…

DragonFly™ Remote Configuration

This software is also freely available, with no licence or subscription fees. This software allows the DragonFly™ screens to be remotely updated and modified over an Ethernet network from a Microsoft® Windows® based PC. Remotely updateable text and image fields can be updated, or new entire screen layouts can be uploaded to multiple screens simultaneously. The software may also be configured to act as a 24/7 running server to monitor a network of DragonFly units and push RSS data feeds out to them.

DragonFly Software Designer
Drucegrove Lift Controller

Lift Connectivity

For interfacing to your lift, the DragonFly™ connects to either the Drucegrove 2-Wire™ System, OTIS® Serial Data, or with the addition of an IND059 input module, local non-proprietary binary / Gray / discrete signals. In addition to this the DragonFly™ can be networked via Ethernet for live data feeds, live network video streams, and remote configuration.

The DragonFly™ can be mixed with other 2-Wire products on the same bus, including the FireFly™ TFT indicators, dot matrix and segment LED indicators, gongs, speech announcers and more.

The DragonFly™ can be connected directly to an OTIS® lift with an RSL bus via either an OTIS® Remote Station or the Drucegrove DEC100 interface. The display will then automatically respond to OTIS® floor designation characters, car direction, car overloaded and emergency messages. If connected via the Drucegrove DEC100 interface, the DragonFly™ is capable of displaying OTIS® Compass destination floors on the screen.

Ethernet Connectivity

The Ethernet network is run over standard copper twisted pair. Ethernet extender can be supplied which can be used to connect the lift car to the network over a single copper UTP on the trailer, even on high rise and high speed lifts. There is no requirement for expensive fibre optics or coax trailing cables, even for streaming video.

Video is transmitted to the DragonFly™ screens digitally over the Ethernet network. We use standard, inexpensive, off the shelf Ethernet switches and networking peripherals and CAT5 copper cabling. The video source could be an IPTV server for live television channels, an IPCCTV camera, or even a third party video intercom system. Since the video transmission is not analogue, it is immune to noise and interference from the lift or noisy grounds. There is no need for expensive trailing cables or video splitters.

DragonFly Screen/Display Network Connectivity

Remote Configuration via GSM

The DragonFly™ can be networked back to a PC locally within a building via a LAN, or remotely via a GSM network to a PC or virtual cloud based server anywhere in the world. Drucegrove can offer a complete plug-and-play package consisting of one or more DragonFly™ screens and all associated networking peripherals including a GSM router, and access to a secure web portal for remotely managing and updating the screen content.

DragonFly Display GSM Connectivity

Commend Video Intercom Integration

Drucegrove have worked in conjunction with Commend UK to integrate the DragonFly™ TFT display with the Commend Intercom 2.0, allowing for two way video communication between the lift car and building command centre or security office.

The DragonFly™ detects when the intercom has been activated, and allocated part or all of the screen to the video feed from the building command centre or security office. The screen can also show yellow and green alarm bell pictograms at the appropriate times, off signals from the Commend intercom system.

When the voice conversation ends, the screen returns to normal operation.


  • Full-duplex two-way video communication for the lift car.
  • No redundant video screen in the lift car when the intercom is not in use.
  • Video feed can either take over part or the entire TFT screen.
  • Show lift position and status, and alarm pictograms, alongside intercom video feed.
  • When the video feed is not active, show advertisements, building way-finding or tenancy information, or other multimedia content.
  • No special hardware required – standard DragonFly™ and Commend Intercom 2.0 systems have been interfaced together.
  • No need for expensive fibre optic trailers to the lift car, as copper unscreened twisted pair (UTP) may be used for the video feed.
  • Full technical support from Drucegrove and Commend UK.

Commend Intercom 2.0 integration only available on the TFT500 Omni Driver as standard, and on the 5.7” and 7.0” with video graphics acceleration option.

Contact Drucegrove or Commend UK for more information or a live demonstration.

Commend Website:

Mountings, Fixings & Housings

We can supply any size of open-frame TFT display, with a lens and any mountings and faceplates needed for fitting inside your lift cars, or with a flush mount faceplate or a surface mount fixture for fitting on the landings. Our in-house metalwork facilities include laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and engraving which allows us to supply any screen for mounting in almost any location with a professional finish and minimal hassle.

User Manual

Part Numbers & Drawings

DragonFly™ (2-Wire system)

The following part numbers are for DragonFly™ TFT screens to connect to a Drucegrove 2-Wire system:

DragonFly™ Screens (connected to OTIS® Serial Data)

The following part numbers are for DragonFly™ TFT screens to connect to OTIS® Serial Data:

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Drucegrove are ISO9001 approved and we have been designing and manufacturing indicators, speech units and intercoms in the UK since 1983.

We offer a constant stream of innovation, routinely bringing products to market with a creative flair that is often impossible to nurture in a larger organisation.


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