GNG023 2-Wire Gong

The Drucegrove GNG023 Multi-Tone Electronic Gong announces the arrival of the lift car with a pleasant sounding single chime for up, and dual tone for down, with an adjustable volume control.. Equipped with the useful ‘hush mode’ as standard, the gong can be triggered to operate at a reduced volume during the night. It provides high quality sound in a compact and versatile package.

  • Connects to Drucegrove 2-Wire™ system.
  • Plays a single “ding” tone for up, and dual “ding-dong” tone for down.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Dipswitch selectable lift car or landing position address, which can be set on the fly.
  • Hush mode to trigger lower volume.
  • Up and down outputs for driving additional external LED arrows.
  • DDA & ADA compliant.


Lift Connectivity

The GNG023 2-Wire™ gong is simple to install and is compatible with the Drucegrove 2-Wire™ System, avoiding the need for local power supplies, or expensive screened or twisted pair cables. Each gong comes equipped with two pairs of power in/out terminals, to enable installation in a "daisy chain" connection down the lift shaft, and additional 2-Wire branches can be added to the network, from a landing or the lift car, retrospectively.

Inputs are configured, and both power and data are provided via the Drucegrove 2-Wire System, therefore a Drucegrove 2-Wire IND055 Master Interface must be ordered for each lift.

The gong can be mixed with other 2-Wire products on the same bus, including the DragonFly™ multimedia TFT displays, FireFly™ TFT indicators, dot matrix and segment LED indicators, speech announcers and more.



Mountings, Fixings & Housings

The GNG023 is supplied as a mountable nylon package with a built-in speaker, but Drucegrove can supply the gong with a flush mount faceplate and back box, or a surface mount fixture, complete with any mountings and faceplates needed for fitting on the landings or inside your lift cars. Our in-house metalwork facilities include laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and engraving which allows us to supply the gongs ready for mounting in almost any location with a professional finish and minimal hassle.


Technical Support

As with all Drucegrove products, the electronic gongs are fully supported by the in-house design engineers. Our engineers are available to offer free telephone and email support.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1992 650486 and select option 3 for Technical Support.

Part Numbers

The following part numbers are for the electronic gong to connect to a Drucegrove 2-Wire system:


2-Wire Electronic Gong with Built-in Speaker

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