FireFly™ TFT Display


The standard universal FireFly™ program offers 8 colour options, 16 layout options and a landscape / portrait orientation option selectable on the fly via on board dipswitches.

Every TFT300 Series indicator has the largest standard Drucegrove message image library built in. This library contains 195 full screen pictogram based images, each identified by a three digit image code. This same image library is available on the DragonFly™ TFT displays, making it possible to mix FireFly™ and DragonFly™ displays on a single lift.

Where more advanced features can be justified, progress to the DragonFly™ range.

All The Right Things

FireFly™ is low profile and incorporates an on-board gong and outputs for separate hall lanterns. Pre-programmed to a standard configuration with on board options means that FireFly™ is powerful but completely interchangeable, a stockable product with no need for factory re-programming. Dipswitch options include colour, layout, landscape/portrait orientation, and more.

The TFT300 Series indicators can display any two-character alpha-numeric floor designation, and are pre-loaded with a library of over 200 full screen pictogram messages as standard. Floor designations and message images are easily reconfigured on site from the Drucegrove IND55 2-Wire™ controller interface.

FireFly – Features

Drucegrove’s TFT300 FireFly™ Series offer 4.3”, 5.7″ & 7.0″ full colour screens giving TFT indicators with a simple, ultra-modern and versatile display. Using the latest TFT technology the display has an unparalleled viewing angle, with virtually no loss of colour or contrast at almost any angle.

  • Connects to Drucegrove 2-Wire™ system for lift position and status data
  • OTIS® Serial Data compatibility option
  • Available with an integrated 4.3”, 5.7” or 7.0” display as standard
  • Vandal Resistant option which meets EN81-71 Category 2
  • Meets elevated temperature requirement for EN81-72 fire fighting lifts as standard
  • Low profile, with remote display option to fit in a shallow surface mounted fixture
  • Every indicator is programmed to the same standard configuration
  • Contains 16 simple dipswitch selectable screen layouts and 8 dipswitch selectable theme colours
  • Displays full screen image based lift messages from standard built-in library of over 200 images
  • Displays alphanumeric floor designations with current and intended lift direction arrows
  • Dipswitch selectable lift car or landing position address, which can be set on the fly
  • Dipswitch selectable landscape or portrait orientation, which can be changed on-the-fly
  • Optional built in gong
  • Up and down outputs for driving additional external LED arrows

Lift Connectivity

The FireFly™ indicator is simple to install and is compatible with the Drucegrove 2-Wire™ System, avoiding the need for local power supplies, or expensive screened or twisted pair cables. Each comes with loop in/out terminals for easy installation in a “daisy chain” down the lift shaft. Additional branches can be added to expand the network later.

The FireFly™ can be mixed with other 2-Wire products on the same bus, including the DragonFly™ multimedia TFT displays, dot matrix and segment LED indicators, gongs, speech announcers and more.

The TFT300 Series can also be connected directly to an OTIS® lift with an RSL bus via either an OTIS® Remote Station or the Drucegrove DEC100 interface. The display will then automatically respond to Otis® floor designation characters, car direction, car overloaded and emergency messages.

Mountings, Fixings & Housings

We can supply the FireFly with a flush mount faceplate and back box, or a surface mount fixture, complete with a lens and any mountings and faceplates needed for fitting on the landings or inside your lift cars. Our in-house metalwork facilities include laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and engraving which allows us to supply the indicators ready for mounting in almost any location with a professional finish and minimal hassle.

Vandal Resistant FireFly™

The FireFly™ can be supplied in with a thicker polycarbonate lens and associated mounting brackets for spacing it off from the TFT screen to comply with category 2 of EN81-71:2005 for vandal resistance.

Drucegrove can also supply vandal resistant surface mount fixtures to meet the same specification.


Part Numbers & Drawings

FireFly™ TFT screens to connect to a Drucegrove 2-Wire system

FireFly™ to connect to OTIS® Serial Data

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