Intercom Systems

When it comes to safety you can't be too careful about the quality of lift intercom you choose.

Drucegrove use highly sensitive microphones, which self adjust automatically to pick up the faintest voice two metres away, and the digitised speech ensures clarity of the sound reproduction. All of our intercom systems are simple to use and have their own system integrity by self-monitoring their status whilst idle.

We offer all of our lift intercom systems in a range of smart architectural fixtures to suit flush and surface mounted installations. These can be standard or bespoke fixtures as we manufacture them in-house at Drucegrove. We can also incorporate specific engraving like a council or company logo.

The LittleVoice™ Intercom System is ideally suited for fire fighting lift applications, and also available for use as a single lift intercom to a wardens office, reception or security desk, and for lift maintenance intercom applications.

Drucegrove have been at the forefront of advance lift technology for many years, designing and manufacturing electronic lift components and products using the minimum of wires, and saving their customers considerable time and expense on installation and maintenance.

We continue to provide a diverse line of communication and fire fighting and evacuation intercom systems.

Evacuation System

BigVoice™ is suitable for use as an Evacuation Lift Intercom system and for Multi-Station Intercom systems for general lift applications. Big Voice provides voice communication between any two of thirty-two locations. Designed, developed and manufactured in-house at Drucegrove, the Big Voice intercom system is available housed in a range of smart architectural fixtures to suit flush and surface mounted installations.

For more information, please view our BigVoice™ Evacuation page.

Evacuation System

Drucegrove's LittleVoice™ Evacuation / Annunciator System provides 2-way audible communications between the master station and lift car, and audible and visual communication between the floor landings and the master station. The master station comprises of a triangular key switch to engage the system, a LittleVoice™ Intercom, and an LED and reset button for each floor level in the building.

For more information, please view our LittleVoice™ Evacuation page.

Fire Fighting System

Our LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting Intercom System is ideally suited to meet the requirements of a Fire Fighting Lift application, and has been designed to supplement our existing range of BigVoice™ Intercom Systems. Providing voice broadcasting up to six locations, one or more slave units can be connected to the master station at the fire service access level, with the car station being at the end of the line.

For more information, please view our LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting page.

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