Fire Fighting System

Our LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting Intercom System is ideally suited to meet the requirements of a Fire Fighting Lift application, and has been designed to supplement our existing range of BigVoice™ Intercom Systems. Providing voice broadcasting up to six locations, one or more slave units can be connected to the master station at the fire service access level, with the car station being at the end of the line.

When one unit is constantly broadcasting to all the other units, interruption of the broadcast is only possible by a higher priority unit. The master station at the fire service access level having the highest priority, the car Station having lowest precedence.

  • Available in standard or bespoke architectural housing.
  • 5 slave stations can be added to the master station.
  • Adjustable high sensitivity microphone and speaker volume controls.
  • Connection between stations is by a "daisy chain" arrangement of 4 wires.
  • The PSU has integral monitoring of battery and mains power failure.
  • System integrity monitoring is continuous during system idle mode.
  • Conforms to EMC regulations EN61000-6.1 and EN6100-6.3


Technical Support

As with all Drucegrove products, the LittleVoice™ is fully supported by the in-house design engineers. Our engineers are available to offer free telephone and email support.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1992 650486 and select option 3 for Technical Support.


Part Numbers

The following part numbers are for the LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting intercom system:

LVI041-FMF-K003LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting Master with FSAL Key Switch (Flush Mount)
LVI041-FMS-K003LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting Master with FSAL Key Switch (Surface Mount)
LVI041-FMH-K003LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting Master with FSAL Key Switch (Surface Mount Hood)
LVI040-FCF-K001LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting (Car Flush Mount)
LVI040-FCS-K001LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting (Car Surface Mount)
LVI040-FCR-K001LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting (Car Roof Mounting)
LVI040-FLF-K002LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting with Button (Landing / Machine Room Flush Mount)
LVI040-FLS-K002LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting with Button (Landing / Machine Room Surface Mount)
LVI040-FLH-K002LittleVoice™ Fire Fighting with Button (Machine Room Surface Mount Hood)
PSU006-MXX-K001PSU for LittleVoice™ System (in Metal Housing)
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