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TFT Elevator Indicator Displays
Drucegrove offer two ranges of TFT indicator displays - the DragonFly™ and the FireFly™.


Our advanced range of DragonFly™ TFT 4.3 - 5.7 - 7.0" Lift Indicators are fully customisable, and at their simplest level offer lift position and direction information, displayed in a wide choice of colours, images, character fonts and arrow styles.

Emergency messages can be selected from our comprehensive built in message library of over 150 images.

Displays can be branded to include the building name or a corporate logo, with the floor tenancy/directory also displayed as text or logos, while synchronised to current floor level with Lift car position animation on the landings.

Displays can be networked via Ethernet to incorporate IPTV Digital Video streaming – Live News – Tube, Bus, Train RSS Feeds – CCTV Feeds

We also offer Remote Configuration of our TFT screens without the need for an internet connection on site by using GSM. Enabling changes to Ticker Tape display messages and information images, or even advertising images.

Large screen 10.4 - 42.0" TFT displays are connected via the DragonFly™ TFT500 Omni Driver.

So our DragonFly™ Full Colour TFT Indicators are available in a range of standard size displays but if you prefer something large, then choose ANY screen available with an HDMI or DVI input and we can drive it.

Connect the system to the net and you have remote access from anywhere in the world. Update daily; send messages to the elevator from a PC inside your building; stream RSS data feeds and more: once you've invested in DragonFly™ indicators the choice is yours.

For more comprehensive information, please view our DragonFly™ page.


Our entry level range of FireFly™ 4.3” - 5.7” - 7.0” TFT Lift Indicators offer a stockable product, loaded with a host of features.

The standard universal FireFly™ program offers 8 colour options, 16 layout options and a landscape / portrait orientation option selectable on the fly via on board dipswitches. This interchangeable indicator shows lift position and direction, with emergency messages selected from our comprehensive built in message library of over 150 images.

FireFly™ is easy to install. Drucegrove's patented 2-Wire™ version avoids the need for local power or expensive cables and the network can be expanded later. Or connect FireFly™ directly to an Otis® Serial Data system via Remote Station. It works automatically.

FireFly™ is low profile. It has outputs for separate hall lanterns. Programmed to a standard configuration means FireFly™ is powerful but interchangeable, a stockable item with no need for factory returns.

For more information, please view our FireFly™ page.