Security Keypad

The Drucegrove type KEY010 is a security code keypad system with a vandal-resistant keypad. It has the capability of communication over a Lonworks™ network, allowing logging of inputs or remote operation of other Lonworks™ devices. 

Enter the code by pressing the keys in the correct sequence.  Each key press is accompanied by a short tone.  After completing the code, press the # key to enter the code. A valid code will give a 2.5 second tone and operate the relay(s) and LED.  A rejected code will be indicated by two short tones. Six incorrect codes in a row will cause a 30 second lockout of all operations. If no key is pressed for 3 seconds then the unit will reset.

  • Accepts up to 50 different user codes.
  • Codes from 1 to 8 numbers long.
  • Adding new codes is performed using a pre-programmed security code.
  • Erasing codes from memory is achieved using a different security code.
  • All codes retained in the event of a power failure.
  • All key presses are confirmed by an audible tone.
  • Up to four outputs may be activated from each code.
  • The outputs can enable one or more lift call buttons, or the output may operate the call directly.


Technical Support

As with all Drucegrove products, the security keypad is fully supported by the in-house design engineers. Our engineers are available to offer free telephone and email support.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1992 650486 and select option 3 for Technical Support.

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