Sentry Lantern Indicators


The Drucegrove 3D Sentry Indicators are designed to provide information required by passengers waiting for the lift in the lobby. They offer a 180° viewing angle and dual coloured adjustable scrolling side arrows.

The LAN035 is a 2x 50mm dot matrix indicator with a built in multi-tone electronic gong and scrolling side arrows, compatible with our Drucegrove 2-Wire System.
When used in conjunction with our Drucegrove 2-Wire System and a Digitalker® Speech Unit, the built in multi-tone electronic gong can also announce door movements and travel direction messages.

The LAN030 3D Sentry Lantern is also available, which comprises of a 74mm bi-colour arrow in place of the dot matrix indicator.

Mountings, Fixings & Housings

We can supply the sentry lantern indicator with a flush mount faceplate and back box, or a surface mount fixture, complete with a lens and any mountings and faceplates needed for fitting on the landings or inside your lift cars. Our in-house metalwork facilities include laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and engraving which allows us to supply the indicators ready for mounting in almost any location with a professional finish and minimal hassle.

Part Numbers

The following part numbers are for the electronic gong to connect to a Drucegrove 2-Wire system:

LAN035-TRD-A0013D Sentry with 2 × 50mm Red Dot Matrix and Scrolling Red/Green Side Bars
LAN035-TGD-A0013D Sentry with 2 × 50mm Green Dot Matrix and Scrolling Red/Green Side Bars
LAN035-TBD-A0013D Sentry with 2 × 50mm Blue Dot Matrix and Scrolling Red/Green Side Bars
LAN035-TWD-A0013D Sentry with 2 × 50mm White Dot Matrix and Scrolling Red/Green Side Bars

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