Here are answers to some common questions about Drucegrove Ltd, our products and our services.


Does Drucegrove have Quality Management accreditation?

Yes, Drucegrove is accredited to ISO9001: 2000. Click on the PDF certificate of approval:

Is this product tested before dispatch?

All products are tested for the site/job requirements.

How do I install my Drucegrove product?

Please refer to the products installation manual and/or wiring diagram, they are provided with all Drucegrove products. Product User manual are also available to download from our webpage.

I've lost my copy of the wiring diagram. What should I do?

Please have the product SERIAL NUMBER and PROGRAM NUMBER ready, and then contact technical support.


My Digitalker speech unit doesn't announce anything. What should I do?

Check that the unit is receiving power (green LED) and that the talk LED (red LED) is on for the duration of the announcement. Is a valid floor input present (refer to wiring diagram and program limitations) followed by a valid floor trigger? Note that test mode (continuous play of library messages) is available on most Digitalkers, please refer to the wiring diagram. Also check that the speaker is connected to the audio terminals and the volume pot has been turned up to at least mid-position.

My Digitalker's red Talk LED flashes continuously. What does this mean?

Please confirm that the compact flash card has been fully inserted correctly.

IND055 2-Wire Lift Interface Questions

What do the dipswitches represent on the IND55?

Dispswitches 1 to 4 represent the floor designation and arrow scrolling speed of all connected indicators on the system (dipswitch 1 being the MSB and dipswitch 4 the LSB). Dipswitch 5 turns on test mode, which cycles through all of the floor designations and messages. Dipswitch 6 represents the message scrolling speed of all connected indicators on the system. Dipswitch 7 toggles dual language mode (where applicable), and Dipswitch 8 toggles scrolling or static arrows.

The display on my IND55 shows black squares, what does this mean?

This is typically a sign of a corrupted EEPROM caused by positioning the unit close to equipment with very large currents and/or magnets. Please contact technical support for further assistance, and be ready to quote the EEPROM Program, located on the sticker on the metalwork.

The inputs to to IND55 are not responding. What can I do?

Firstly, please check that none of the pins are bent. It can – in some cases – only take one pin being slightly misshapen to cause the connector block to lose its connectivity on all inputs. If an over-voltage has been applied to the inputs, it is possible that the opto-isolators have been damaged. Please contact technical support for further assistance.

Equipment connected to my IND55 outputs is not working. What can I do?

Please ensure that you are using a Drucegrove power supply. Third party power supplies are not supported, and may introduce noise onto the 2-Wire system. Measure the voltage on the power input to the IND55 and the 2-Wire outputs – there should approximately be a 2V difference. If this is not the case, please contact technical support for further assistance. If there is a 2V drop, please check the wiring from the outputs and connected equipment itself.

2-Wire System
Indicator Questions

What do the dipswitches represent on the IND50 range of indicators?

Dipswitch 1 toggles horizontal and vertical display mode. Dispswitches 2 to 8 represent the binary address of the indicator on the system (dipswitch 2 being the MSB and dipswitch 8 the LSB)

What is the condition for a gong action and/or hall lantern direction arrow on a 2-wire indicator?

The current floor position of the lift car must match the dipswitch address of the indicator/gong, and the appropriate intended direction input must be active.

My dot matrix indicator does not light up. What should I do?

Assuming power connected to the correct terminals, make sure that wires are not being crimped on the insulation. For stand-alone indicators, check that valid data is present on the floor inputs when compared to its program specification. For 2-Wire indicators, check that the IND55 controller is receiving and transmitting data correctly (the top line of the LCD display should show relevant lift information, and the bottom line should show input status). Please also note that minimum wire size is 1.0mm² where the total number of units is less than 10, and 1.5mm² to 2.5mm² where 10 or more units are installed.

Inductive Loop Amplifier Question

What should I use for the AMP03 inductive loop?

We recommend standard 0.75mm cable, which should be looped around the lift car twice. Drucegrove does not supply this cable.

Intercom Questions

I'm experiencing audio feedback when using my intercoms. What can I do?

If the intercoms are acoustically in the same room, this will occur. If Little Voice, turning down the microphone sensitivity should solve this. If Big Voice, please contact technical support for assistance.

My intercom system emits a beeping alarm tone. What does this mean?

If the beep is an intermittent on/off tone, then this is an indication of a low battery in the power supply. Replacing the battery will solve the issue. If the beep is a constant tone, then this is an indication of a fault with the 230V input of the power supply. Ensure that the 230V input is being provided, and if it is please contact technical support for further assistance.

My intercoms behave erratically and/or report faults. What can I do?

 Firstly, please ensure that you are using unscreened twisted pair for the cabling. If screened cables have already been installed, please ground the screen through a 470K resistor to prevent ground currents from affecting the signals. Also, please ensure that the cabling is not close to any large electrical equipment or mains trunking that could cause interference. If the problems persist after ensuring that the cabling is correct, please contact technical support.

I am experiencing multiple failures of Big Voice Intercom units, what could it be?

It is highly unlikely that multiple failures of units will occur at the same time, it is more likely be something common to these units e.g. connection on a particular wire run, power supply, noise interference, wrong cable used for the installation.

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