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Drucegrove Limited: Value and values

A direct message from Drucegrove’s Managing Director, Darren Kelly.

Value 4noun 1 [mass noun] the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or usefulness of something. <the material or monetary worth of something. <the worth of something compared to the price.
2 (values) principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

Challenges we face today

It is widely acknowledged that today there is a lack of trust between businesses and potential consumers. We are all cynical about what we are told and as a result it is increasingly difficult to get your message across, to make yourself heard, against the background sea of noise from mass marketing. This leads to apathy and gave birth to ‘conversation marketing’, reliance on social sites, word of mouth and viral ads. So what do you do when, like us, you are genuinely different? Ask our customers. Those with the reputation win. And our reputation is our most valuable asset… but there are others. And maybe you can leverage these and our other capabilities through the expertise that you have in your own organisation right now better than we can. Take a minute to consider Drucegrove’s customer base, our well developed distribution channels, our partners and our products. They hold strategic value that could quickly be exploited by you to open up new markets and realise new products. We have a goldmine of intellectual property in the form of Patents, Trademarks, Brands, Unique Processes, Specialist Knowledge and bespoke IT solutions. So why not use them to your advantage?

Do you have an urgent problem?
Perhaps we can help. Day to day business is littered with pitfalls such as Price Wars, the Introduction of New Technology, Changes in Legislation or the loss of Distribution Channels. Could our assets or capabilities neutralise a threat you know about… or one that’s yet to emerge? Are you frustrated with plans to expand in our sector? It can hurt when competitors have an alternative that you don’t and take advantage. Do you have the time to develop it, to obtain the expertise yourself? If not, then why not use ours? We have:

•  High profile and difficult to acquire customers
•  A key location
•  A portfolio full of niche products and brands
•  A well developed network.
•  We are well known as market leaders in several areas.
•  We have experienced management and expertise in the industry.

So Build or Buy? The choice is yours. But can you afford the DIY solution? Then let us do it for you. We have low R&D costs, a small bureaucracy and are good at exploiting new technologies, routinely bringing products to market with a creative flair that is often impossible to nurture in a larger organisation. We offer a constant stream of innovation at a fraction of the cost of any alternative. If you are an oil tanker, we are the speedboat to complement. Why waste time and money putting the brakes on and changing direction yourself? If you have the momentum, keep going. Do your best and let us do the same… for you.

Or do you have a huge opportunity that you are struggling to exploit? Don’t miss out. There may be synergies between us you can use to take advantage. And huge opportunities won’t last forever; if you don’t exploit them, someone else will. Customers’ needs change, competitors go broke and there are natural and manmade disasters that upset the market all the time. Do we present you with a timely and problem free solution? If we do, think, how rare is that? Then take the chance. Talk to us, talk to our customers and explore the Drucegrove culture. We’re proud of what we do; we have nothing to hide and we would enjoy talking to you. And you might just find that we fit you like a glove.

How could we help?

Well, with existing products or markets perhaps we can find ways to reduce your costs and increase penetration by finding novel uses or changing the existing offering. We can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and upgrade customers. Or you can sell new products to existing clients. This can be extremely profitable where your relationships are already in place and our brands are known to them. Or bundle complementary products together to enhance value, create momentum and penetrate. And what about our customers? We may have market presence or local knowledge in an area that you do not, so find a new use for existing products with us. Perhaps they can be used differently? Gain experience. We are dealing with local authorities and government bodies all the time; this might be useful. Or are you seeking growth with new products for new clients? Then use us to fill the map.

Take a look at Drucegrove in more detail.

•  Our location has good access, we have a good infrastructure but we are light on our feet, not burdened with restrictive leases or other commitments.
•  We have an open business culture and are receptive to new ideas and progress… that’s how we work!
•  We have not tied ourselves to local, state or national legislation that cannot be ported elsewhere.
•  We do not depend on a narrow range of customers or design our products to suit just one.
•  We do our business systematically so it can be passed on and reproduced.
•  We are flexible but we do not depend on customer specific solutions that are linked to a handful of individuals in here or out there. People come and go, but a system lasts forever… until you define a better one.
•  Our products are complete, stable and tested
•  Where we offer customised solutions for major clients these can be achieved but they are efficient; we have bespoke software developed in house to help us do this, deskilling the production process.

As a result the sky’s the limit and scalability is not limited. In addition we have: a raft of intellectual property (brands, trademarks, patents, registered URLs, professional voice artists, studio recorded and translations… they are all protected); an extensive customer base; distribution channels; unique technology and processes developed over a number of years; documented knowledge; physical property (factory, modern plant, inventory, all unencumbered); a unique location; professional advisors, directors, management and employees; access to difficult to reach institutions and organisations; product approvals and membership of trade associations; social, local government and business networks.

And we have a range of competitive competencies developed in-house including

•  Marketing and promotional activities
•  Design
•  Sales and after-sales support
•  Procurement and Quality Control
•  Networking
•  Managing Distributors
•  Managing Complex Projects

So now, having read this, can we do business?

Darren Kelly BSc (Hons)
Managing Director, Drucegrove Limited


Drucegrove are ISO9001 approved and we have been designing and manufacturing indicators, speech units and intercoms in the UK since 1983.

We offer a constant stream of innovation, routinely bringing products to market with a creative flair that is often impossible to nurture in a larger organisation.


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