TFT Position Indicators


TFT400 Series & TFT500 Omni Driver

The Drucegrove DragonFly™ TFT displays are capable of showing lift position, direction and emergency messages like the FireFly™, but with additional capability to use any combination of colours and fonts, and show additional text and images. This allows the displays to be branded and customised match the building they are installed in. The additional text and images can be static (ie building name, company logo, etc), or dynamic based on the position of the lift (ie individual floor tenancy information).

The TFT400 Series displays are self contained units with the display and driving electronics integrated into one package. The screen sizes available are 5.7” and 7.0”, and they have the same built in message image library as the FireFly™ TFT300 Series indicators.

For larger DragonFly™ displays, the TFT500 Omni Driver can be used. This is based on the same driving electronics as the TFT400 series but boasts a more powerful processor with graphics accelerating and video decoding hardware, and a DVI / HDMI output. Drucegrove supply a separate open frame TFT screen and a HDMI to DVI cable for connecting the screen to the TFT500 Omni Driver. The screen sizes available range from 10.4” to 42”, in 4:3 standard, 16:9 wide or 4:1 panoramic aspect ratios.

The TFT400 Series and TFT500 can be networked via Ethernet, which opens up the possibility of streaming live news headlines, weather, finance information, transport information (TfL, Nation Rail, bus times etc) and more from RSS feeds.

Live video can also be displayed on displays driven from the TFT500 Omni Driver. The video is streamed digitally to the display over Ethernet from either an IPTV source or an IP CCTV camera – either of which can be located anywhere in the building. Being digital, a single video feed can be streamed to an unlimited number of displays without loss of quality or the need for boosters or amplifiers.


TFT T300 Series

The Drucegrove FireFly™ TFT displays are lean, with no unnecessary or expensive gimmicks. It is designed as an entry level TFT lift position indicator, but comes pre-loaded with a host of features. With only one powerful program, ordering is simple and it is a stockable and interchangeable item.

The standard universal FireFly™ program offers 8 colour options, 16 layout options and a landscape / portrait orientation option selectable on the fly via on board dipswitches.

Every TFT300 Series indicator has the standard Drucegrove message image library built in. This library contains over 200 full screen pictogram based images, each identified by a three digit image code. Image codes can be easily assigned to discrete message input on the Drucegrove IND055 2-Wire™ Controller, which can be reconfigured on site without the need for special tools or hardware. This same image library is available on the DragonFly™ TFT displays, making it possible to mix FireFly™ and DragonFly™ displays on a single lift.

Where more advanced features can be justified, progress to the DragonFly™ range.

TFT Feature Comparison

Indicators that suit your needs

Drucegrove has a range of lift indicators to suit any job. With reliability and ease of installation in mind from the outset you’ll find them all over the world. 

Simple Dot-Matrix Indicators come multiple colours. Where space is tight use our patented 2-Wire system. It only needs two simple wires for all the power and data for an entire shaft. They work as a family so you can ‘mix and match’ equipment on a shaft. The smart 2-Wire mother board encodes data from the main controller and lets you to manage floor positions and messages without returning equipment to us for reprogramming. This saves time. Our indicators suit any job, they’re programmed the same so you can stock them and swap them over. 

Where you want us to we offer ‘stand alone’ versions programmed to suit the job. These take 

• Wire Per Floor 
• Binary 
• Inverse Binary (can suit Kone® controllers) 
• Grey Code (can suit Schindler® controllers) 

or we can match a ‘truth table’ where you list the signals that you have and what you want to show. Simple. 

There’s a complete range of products designed to take PI0 or PI4 serial data from Otis® controllers. 

If you need to protect your investment against vandals we can provide VR fixtures or retro-fit lenses 
to upgrade what you have on site if they are already installed. 

For prestige jobs, hotel lobbies or corporate clients we have DragonFly™ the most advanced range of TFT displays for lifts on the market. 

• Custom programming of all screen elements so you can brand for every client 
• Connect to the net and change your displays from anywhere 
• Show date and time 
• Hook to RSS data feeds and display the weather or important travel news 
• Stream video, advertise or promote your company to important visitors. View An Example On A 42″ Screen Here 
• Stay abreast of problems using remote elevator monitoring from Qamleon Technology Inc™ as an add-on. DragonFly™ acts as the host so there’s no need a separate computer! 

DragonFly™ is designed for use where you have detailed information like hospital ward names, or where the it changes (conferences in a hotel) and you need to manage it. 

But there’s still more. We have a comprehensive range of Hall Lanterns, Gongs and other devices. Take a look at our Products and Services

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Drucegrove are ISO9001 approved and we have been designing and manufacturing indicators, speech units and intercoms in the UK since 1983.

We offer a constant stream of innovation, routinely bringing products to market with a creative flair that is often impossible to nurture in a larger organisation.


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